From comes this tale:

Lately, when I go to bed, I play Chinese poker on my iPhone until I get drowsy. At one point I was up $14 on my “computer genius” opponent. And then I went on a 2-night losing streak that left me down $70. I’d like to point out that (a) I was playing against a telephone and (b) the money involved was not real. Still, I got so frustrated, and so exquisitely angry, that I toyed with the idea of throwing my phone against the wall. And then grabbing a hammer and smashing the pieces more info

into much, much smaller pieces.

I should say that I only toyed with the idea. I never cocked my arm and took aim. I love my iPhone. Really. And I don’t consider myself a violent person. It’s just that occasionally I have the urge to beat the everlovin’ crap out of smiley computer-generated pixies and impersonal digital interfaces.

Maybe I shouldn’t announce that I’m working on improvements in the AI bot. I don’t think it surrenders enough. I also think it can play better with lowball and royalty options turned on. I’m glad you are playing the game and find it challenging.

From How Much Does The Guy With Aces Have Left? comes a tail of Chinese Poker from Daniel.

It also helped that Chinese Poker was very good to me as I won 76k during the ride. As per our agreement, I (the big winner) had to pay for Howard’s (the big loser) flight which was fine by me! I don’t what it is about Chinese Poker, but lifetime, I run so good at that game it’s incredible and I’m absolutely certain that I don’t play perfectly.

It just doesn’t matter that much, the game is all luck if you have half a brain.

Well I might disagree with the statement that the game is all luck if you have half a brain although the edge between a good player and a great player is most likely very small.