Chinese Poker – for the iPhone and iTouch

Chinese Poker iPhone Shot

Chinese Poker iPhone Shot

Play solitaire Chinese Poker heads up against the Ace Squared AI engine. You are dealt 13 cards and must make three hands. The best hand on the bottom, second best in the middle and the last three cards on top. Game options include 2-4 or 1-6 scoring, lowball in the middle and royalities. You can set the AI engine on easy, expert or genius.

Chinese Poker is also know as Russian Poker or Pusoy. It has been played in the Asian community for many years and it is growing in popularity across the world.

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More information:

Coming soon – Seventeen

Seventeen is a version of Chinese Poker with 17 cards instead of 13. The extra hand is a Badugi hand. Lowball is always played in the middle.


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